Funny Text Messages Between Parents And Children

32 Funny Text Messages Between Parents And Children That’ll Make You Laugh

Oh boy, have we got a chuckler for you! Tighten your laughter belt because today, we’re diving deep into the hilariously outrageous universe of text exchanges between parents and children. So, grab your favorite snack, sit back, and prepare for belly laughs. You’re about to witness the comedic gold of “32 Funny Text Messages Between Parents And Children That’ll Make You Laugh.”

1. The Over-sharing Dad

Ever had a dad that shares way too much information? Well, imagine this: your phone pings, you open the text and, bam, it’s your dad detailing his bathroom adventures. You might be eating lunch, but hey, TMI is his middle name!

2. Mom, The Emoji Queen

You know her. She’s got a heart of gold and a crown made of emojis. You get a dolphin emoji for no reason and a party popper when it’s not even your birthday. Does it make sense? Nope. Do we love it? Absolutely!

3. The Text-Disabled Parent

You can see the message is “typing” for what feels like years, and then, ding, you get: “Hi.” The suspense could kill a cat, but it’s always worth it for that magnificent anti-climax.

4. Dad Joke Central

Your dad thinks he’s Kevin Hart in a dad bod. Every text exchange becomes a one-man comedy show. But admit it, you secretly chuckle at his lame dad jokes, don’t you?

5. Auto-Correct Strikes

Your mom texts: “Your dinner’s in the dog.” You stare, perplexed. Auto-correct just transformed your mom into an avant-garde poet, and you’re not sure whether to laugh or call animal services.

6. The Meme Lord Parent

Mom discovered memes, and now, she communicates solely via popular culture references. Sure, it’s strange, but also hilarious. Who knew parenting could be this dank?

7. The Accidental Selfie Sender

Every now and then, you get a random close-up of your dad’s nostril. The caption? “How do I delete this?”

8. The Digital Novice

You get a text from your mom: “Dear Sara, I hope this message finds you well.” It’s a text, Mom, not a letter from 1876!

9. The Group Chat Invader

Your dad sends a corny joke in your friends’ group chat. The silent seconds feel like an eternity, then poof, laughing emojis everywhere. Your dad’s officially the group chat king!

10. Parent VS Smartphone

A cryptic message from Dad: “Giraffe table blueberry foot.” It’s either a secret code, or he’s battling with the smartphone keyboard. Either way, it’s comedy gold!

11. The Typos’ Tyrant

Mom texts: “I’m cooing dinner.” No, she hasn’t turned into a pigeon, she’s just the Queen of Typo!

12. Spell-check’s Nightmare

Dad sends: “Bought sum bred and milk”. Looks like someone has been skipping spelling lessons.

13. The Fitness Fiend

A text from your dad pops up: “Just ran 5k.” At 3 am? Really, dad? Or did you mean 5k steps to the fridge?

14. The Confused Emoji User

Mom sends a text with an eggplant emoji thinking it’s a heart. Awkward!

15. The Inspirational Quote Sender

Your dad bombards you with random motivational quotes. Okay, dad, “The sky is the limit,” but do we need to discuss this at 6 am?

16. The Unexpected Cool Parent

Your mom randomly texts: “How do you do, fellow kids?” Has she been watching memes again?

17. Predictive Text Fails

You receive a message from dad: “Don’t forget to pick up your sister from the airport.” You only have a brother. Oh, predictive text, you’ve done it again!

18. The Social Media Illiterate

A text from mom: “How do I put a profile picture on Google?” Facepalm.

19. The Unnecessary Texter

Your dad sends you a text while you’re both at home: “Can you pass the remote?” Well, it’s a way to communicate, I suppose.

20. The Mystery Sender

A message from your mom with no context whatsoever: “Jellyfish.” Any ideas?

21. The Acronym Enthusiast

Your dad sends: “WTF – Well, that’s fantastic!” Well, that’s not exactly what it means, Dad.

22. The Serial Question Mark User

Mom’s text: “Dinner???” One question mark was enough, Mom!

23. The Unintentional Philosopher

Dad sends: “The tree is not the forest.” Accidental philosophy or predictive text error? You decide.

24. The Shopping List Confuser

A message from your mom: “Get potatoes, tomatoes, cheese, dog food, your life together.” Ouch, Mom!

25. The Random Capitalizer

Your dad’s text: “HOPE you Are HAVING a GOod day.” Thanks for the emphasis, Dad.

26. The Double Texter

Mom sends ten messages in a row instead of one cohesive text. It’s like living with your very own suspense thriller.

27. The Unsolicited Advice Giver

Dad texts: “Don’t forget to wear socks!” Thanks, Dad, I nearly forgot!

28. The Accidental Voice Note Sender

Your phone chimes with a voice note from your mom: two minutes of pocket rustling and muffled conversation. The suspense is too real.

29. The Google Substitute

A message from Dad: “How to make pancakes?” Siri would know, Dad.

30. The Shortcut Overuser

Your mom’s text: “CU L8R.” Just like the good old Nokia times, eh?

31. The Hashtag Fanatic

Your dad, newly introduced to hashtags, texts: “Good Morning #wakeup #coffee #breakfast.” It’s a text, Dad, not a Tweet.

32. The Tech-Challenged Parent

A message from your mom: “How do I send a text?” You just did, Mom.

Well, there you have it! A whistle-stop tour through the hilarity that ensues when parents and text messages collide. The next time you receive a cryptic message from your mom or dad, don’t get irritated; take a minute to giggle and appreciate the joy that is “32 Funny Text Messages Between Parents And Children That’ll Make You Laugh”. Remember, in the mad and sometimes mundane world of everyday text messages, a little laughter goes a long way. So, text on and keep the laughter rolling!

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