funny good morning texts for her

22 Funny Good Morning Texts For Her – Ultimate List

Waking up can be a struggle. The warm comfort of the bed, the annoying sound of the alarm, and the sudden realization that reality is calling you back from your dreams. We’ve all been there. But what if there’s a way to start the day with a chuckle or even a burst of laughter? Enter the realm of funny good morning texts, a pantheon of hilarity that can make anyone’s day brighter. Dive into our ultimate list of 22 funny good morning texts for her, carefully crafted to tickle your funny bone.

1. Rise and Shine, Sleeping Beauty!

Good morning! I know you’re probably still dreaming about me, but it’s time to wake up, Sleeping Beauty. Don’t worry, your prince charming is here waiting… to steal your breakfast.

2. Beware of the Morning Monster

Be careful! There’s a grumpy monster that appears in the morning. It’s known to disappear after a cup of coffee. I’ve heard it’s quite cute, though.

3. The Sunshine Pales in Comparison

Hey there, gorgeous! Did the sun come out or did you just wake up? Wait, nevermind, it’s just you. You’re brighter than the sun, and you haven’t even had coffee yet!

4. Alarm Clock Dilemma

Good morning, darling. The battle between me and your alarm clock continues. It wakes you up, I try to lure you back to sleep. I think it’s jealous.

5. Breakfast is Ready!

Wakey wakey, eggs and bakey! Well, there are no eggs and there is no bacon, but hey, you’re awakey!

6. Morning Sudoku Challenge

Good morning, love. Let’s play a game. You’re the 1, I’m the 0. Let’s see if we can make this day add up!

7. The Pillow’s Plea

Your pillow is lonely without you. It asked me to say good morning to you. But it’s hoping you won’t be needing it much today!

8. Caffeine Conspiracy

Did you know that coffee has been trying to steal my job? It keeps waking you up every morning. I won’t stand for this!

9. Dream Catcher Duty

Hey! Just wanted to say good morning and to let you know that I’ve been appointed as your official dream catcher for the day. I’m ready to seize any nightmares, should there be any.

10. Zombie Apocalypse Alert

Good morning! Wake up, we have a situation! Zombies are outside our door… oh, sorry, those are just the morning people.

11. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the sleepiest of them all? Is it you? Good morning, my little sleepy head!

12. Breakfast Bet

I bet my breakfast tastes better than yours. Why? Because I’m eating pancakes and you’re the syrup on top!

13. Morning Forecast

Today’s forecast: 100% chance of laughter and smiles. Umbrella not needed. Good morning!

14. Sunshine vs. Moonlight

Did you know that you look just as beautiful under the moonlight as you do under the sunshine? Good morning, my moon and my sun!

15. Official Sunrise Greeter

As the official greeter of the sunrise, I’m here to wish you a good morning. Please take your smile and positive vibes before proceeding with your day.

16. Time to Rise and Grind!

Did you feel that? That’s the world shaking because you just woke up. It’s time to rise and grind!

17. Breakfast Love Poem

Roses are red, pancakes are round, I’m glad you’re awake, because breakfast is found!

18. Morning Checklist

Just checking in: Bed – Left? Pyjamas – Changed? Smile – On? Good morning, then!

19. Dawn Chorus Director

Even the birds outside are tuning their chirping to sing you a good morning song!

20. The Early Bird…

You know what they say about the early bird. But what about the bird that stayed up too late watching Netflix? Anyway, good morning!

21. Sunrise Alert

Good morning! A beautiful sunrise is waiting for you. Or you could sleep in. The sunrise isn’t as pretty as you anyway.

22. A Punny Morning

I was going to make a morning pun, but I decided to let it ‘brew.’ Good morning!

There you have it – 22 hilarious ways to say good morning to your special lady. With these, you’ll not just make her morning brighter, you’ll also show her that your love for her is as bright and joyful as the morning sun. Or a perfectly brewed cup of coffee. Or a perfectly timed pun. Now go forth, armed with hilarity, and make someone’s morning. It’s a good day to have a good day!

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