corny good morning texts for her

Corny Good Morning Texts For Her – Total Roll Eyes!

Oh, good morning! If you’re here, I bet you’re after some groan-inducing, eye-rolling corny good morning texts to amuse that special woman in your life. What’s better than starting the day with a chuckle, right?

1. Sunshine and Pancakes

“Good morning, darling! I’m missing you more than a pancake misses syrup. And let me tell you, that’s a whole lot!”

2. The Morning Alarm

“Rise and shine, sleepyhead! Even your coffee needs a coffee this morning.”

3. Queen of Hearts

“Knock, knock. Who’s there? Your Royal Awesomeness. Yes, it’s time to rule the world. Good morning, queen!”

4. The Morning Forecast

“Forecast for the day: A shower of kisses from me, scattered cuddles, and a high chance of I love yous.”

5. The Love Equation

“Did you know you’re the square root of my heart? Wait, that doesn’t sound right. Well, you’re the one who makes my heart complete, anyway.”

6. Missing Piece

“Good morning, beautiful! My breakfast isn’t complete without your smile. My coffee feels lonely.”

7. The Sunrise Competition

“Another sunrise, another day where the sun is still jealous of your shine!”

8. Honey Bee

“Wake up, my honey! Like a bee to a flower, I’m drawn to your sweetness. So, don’t make me buzz around!”

9. Morning Melody

“Rise and shine, my nightingale! Now, can you stop snoring?”

10. Morning Pizza

“Morning, darling! You’re the cheese to my pizza – all melty and great, and I cannot imagine a pizza without cheese!”

11. Cup of Joe

“Good morning! If you were coffee, you’d be the reason I never sleep!”

12. Day and Night

“If the moon whispers sweet dreams and the sun shouts good morning, what does a shooting star do?”

13. Breakfast in Bed

“Would you like some breakfast with that morning sunshine? Toast or crumpets?”

14. The Perfect Equation

“Us plus a morning equals a great day. So, rise and shine, darling!”

15. Sunny Side Up

“My sunny side up doesn’t look half as sunny without you beside me!”

16. Dreamy Reality

“Waking up is my second favourite thing to do next to you. The first is dreaming about you!”

17. Your Royal Highness

“Wake up, your kingdom awaits, Queen of my heart!”

18. Morning Blossom

“Rise and bloom, my beautiful rose!”

19. Radiant Sun

“You light up my morning brighter than the sun could ever do!”

20. Morning Playlist

“Good morning, my favourite song. Let’s play the day on repeat!”

21. Energizer Bunny

“You’re my energizer, babe! Better than any cup of coffee.”

22. The Morning Comet

“Wishing you a day as rare and as special as a sighting of Halley’s Comet!”

So, there you have it, a variety of cringeworthy, hilarious good morning texts sure to get her rolling her eyes and laughing. Remember, humor is the best way to start the day. So, don’t shy away from these silly messages because they might be the key to her heart (or at least the key to make her giggle).

You’ve reached the end of “Corny Good Morning Texts For Her” If you managed to keep your breakfast down while reading these, kudos to you! And if you’ve used any of these lines, well, you deserve a standing ovation! Keep spreading the laughter and the love.

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